Making animated gifs using GIMP 2.8

Making animated gifs is easy once you get the hang of it.

Update 1/24/14: In the Name: box, make sure that the file extension is set to .gif
Make sure the dropdown at the bottom is set to “All export images”
Otherwise, GIMP will not open the proper export dialog.

You will need:
GIMP 2.8 –

The scripts aren’t actually required to make gifs, but do make it much easier in the long run. The one I used in the video is
Anitools script – – Makes common animation tasks easier.

The second script I mentioned but wasn’t actually used is
Export Layers - – Export all layers in the project to PNGs.

In the absence of these scripts, ImageMagick can be used, but it is quite a bit more intimidating and more error prone. It’s free though, and I recommend looking into it, if just for the learning experience.

If you are watching this in the future and these don’t exist or don’t work, I am sincerely sorry.